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Calgary Assisted Living & Retirement Homes

Calgary offers 262 senior housing facilities in the downtown area as well as none retirement communities in the surrounding area. On average, Calgary’s senior cost of living ranges from $2,860-$4,522 a month, depending on the location, services, and level of care provided by each unique retirement facility.

The overall average monthly rent in Calgary for standard spaces is $3,564. You will see in the table below the average rent for different types of senior housing units Calgary CMA, based on the 2015 Senior’s Housing Report of the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC):

Average Rent of Standard Spaces by Unit Type in Calgary
Centre Average Semi Private & Ward Bachelor One Bedroom Two Bedroom
Calgary CMA $3,564 *** $2,860 $3,754 $4,522

Selecting the ideal Calgary retirement home for you or your loved one is one of life’s most important decisions and it can often be a stressful one. We invite you to navigate your search by using our extensive senior housing guide and discover the right retirement residence for you.

Senior Living in Calgary

The City of Calgary has an estimated population of upwards of 1,100,000 residents, of which approximately 10% are 65 years of age or older. As is the case with other major municipalities throughout Canada, the elderly population is steadily increasing, a trend that is expected to continue well into the future. As a result, the range of available senior housing options has greatly expanded to include retirement residences, senior communities, assisted living services and more.

Independent / Home Care Living in Calgary

Independent or home living is for senior individuals who live in their own home, apartment, condominium, or an independent living option. Independent living is the ideal setting for functionally independent elders who do not require any assistance with their daily living activities.

Home care also provides in-home professional support services, including nursing and rehabilitation, as well as personal support services, such as homemaking, bathing, and grooming assistance. Tenants are the ones responsible for arranging any home care and support services they may need.

Seniors who are considering independent living have the following options:

Adult Lifestyle Apartments - These are privately owned and operated apartments that only allow tenants above the age of 18. Some of these properties require a minimum age of 60. Rent in adult lifestyle apartments is based on a market rate.

Senior Citizens Apartments – These apartments can either be private or public, and are only open to senior citizens. Different age restrictions apply.

Public and Non-Profit Housing - These are low cost rental units which are owned and operated by non-profit societies and receive some government subsidy. Some of these properties also require a minimum age of 60. Rents are based on income and are lower than market rates. There is a wait list of 6 to 18 months due to high demand.

Seniors Self-Contained Housing is a government program in Alberta that provides subsidized accommodation for low-income senior citizens, with rental payment equal to 30% of the tenant’s monthly income. Home care services are publicly-funded and provided through Alberta Health Services. You can get more information about senior care needs assessment and receiving home care through their website:

Assisted Living / Supportive Housing in Calgary

Assisted living or supportive housing in Calgary refers to accommodations in a home-like setting. In this type of senior housing community, elders can remain as independent as possible while having access to accommodations and services that meet their changing needs.

Supportive living includes many different types of facilities, such as seniors lodges, group homes, mental health, and designated supportive living accommodations. Accommodations in this type of senior housing vary in size, appearance, and types of services provided, and not all assisted living facilities can meet the accommodations and service needs of every resident. Residents and their family or friends are responsible for deciding which settings will meet their current and future needs. To find a senior community that will best accommodate your needs, it is recommended to meet with a facility operator, tour a facility, or talk to the residents.

In a supportive living community, senior residents are responsible for paying for their accommodation costs. Accommodation fees cover basic services such as meals, room, and housekeeping. The accommodation fee may vary depending on the accommodation type and the services or amenities that are availed of by the resident. Additional accommodation services may already be included in the basic package or may be availed for an extra fee.

Publicly funded health and personal care services for seniors that are provided through the Alberta Health Services Home Care program or in designated assisted living communities are paid for by the government. The provincial and federal governments provide assistance to low-to-moderate income residents through income support programs.

Long Term Care in Calgary

Long term care facilities are intended for elderly residents whose specific physical and/or cognitive conditions require access to 24-hour care and daily support services. There is a wide range of care and services provided in this type of senior facility, such as specialized care for elders with Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia.

Nursing, care, and services are provided for the elderly who are no longer able to look after their own personal needs by themselves. This type of retirement facility provides 24-hour nursing care and supervision within a secure location to seniors who have prolonged physical or chronic illness, disability, or cognitive impairment.

Senior residents in long term care facilities pay an accommodation charge to cover the costs of basic accommodation-related services such as rooms, meals, housekeeping, and routine building maintenance. The maximum accommodation charge in designated and long-term care is set by Alberta Health. In designated long-term care facilities, accommodation charges may be fully or partially covered for residents who are eligible for the Alberta Seniors Benefit or clients of the Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped (AISH) program.

Calgary Recreational Activities for Seniors

Seniors eager to keep active will find that Calgary has a variety of activities designed for retirees and elderly citizens. Apart from private facilities, the City of Calgary offers numerous recreational activities, including pottery lessons, dance classes, aquacise, yoga, and more. The city also offers a fee assistance program to assist residents on lower incomes.

Transportation within Calgary is also made easy thanks to a variety of programs and organizations that facilitate seniors getting from point A to B. The Calgary Handi Bus provides door-to-door pick up and drop off, while Access Calgary assists with ride-share services for citizens with disabilities. In addition, individuals 65 years and older can use a Senior Citizen Yearly Transit Pass to use public transportation at a reduced fare.

Calgary Medical Facilities

Calgary is home to numerous medical facilities specialized in geriatric services. Popular medical centers include the Bridgeland Seniors Health Centre and the Rockyview General Hospital.

Free blood pressure screening is also available at residential fire stations throughout the year. The  InformCalgary Seniors Directory  offers an online database of health, social, and community services available in Calgary.

Senior Jobs in Calgary

For individuals interested in working part-time during their retirement, Calgary has a wealth of options available in and around the downtown area. The largest industries include health services, food and retail services, communications, technology, transportation, construction, architecture, and engineering.

Given the ever-increasing senior population, senior care providers and medical professionals are also in high demand in Calgary. To learn more about employment opportunities in the senior care sector, visit our jobs guide to Calgary and Alberta.

Retirement Residences in Calgary

Calgary, Alberta is home to several neighborhoods and suburbs, each of which offers a unique lifestyle and living environment for senior residents. When considering which Calgary neighborhood to call home, it’s important to consider proximity to services, green spaces, and medical centers.

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Not only does Calgary offer assisted living facilities in a variety of different locations – from downtown neighborhoods to tranquil suburban streets – it also offers a variety of lifestyle choices that will ensure that your loved one is able to fully enjoy the days ahead. Whether you’re seeking independent living or full-time assistance, Calgary offers both quality and comfort.

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