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The average cost of assisted living in the city is $5,916 a month. This guide is a starting point covering the cost of assisted living care in the city, as well as financing options to pay for it. You’ll find in-depth information on 8 assisted living facilities in New York and 30 in surrounding areas. 

The Cost of Senior Care in Ottawa

  • Assisted Living: 5 916$
  • Nursing Home Care: 12 091$
  • In-home Care: 4 576$
  • Adult Day Health Services: 1 950$

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Ottawa Retirement Homes & Communities

As Canada’s national capital and fourth largest city, Ottawa is currently home to more than 7500 senior homes. The average monthly rent for standard spaces in Ottawa 3 920$. In the table below, which is taken from the 2018 CMHC Regional Seniors’ Housing Report of the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), you will see the average rent for the different types of senior housing units per centre in Ottawa: 

Average Rent of Standard Spaces by Unit Type in Ottawa
Centre Average Semi Private & Ward Private / Studio One Bedroom Two Bedroom
Ottawa 3 920$ 1 765$ 3 306$ 4 792$ 5 741$
Ottawa - East 3 846$ ** 3 199$ 4 596$ 6 280$
Ottawa - West 3 865$ 1 749$ 3 289$ 4 769$ 5 445$

Seniors renting in Ontario can claim a tax credit for rent paid on their principal residence. The tax credit will be based on the adjusted family net income and will be reduced when this income exceeds certain amounts based on their individual family situation. 

If you live in a senior care home which pays full municipal taxes or a grant instead of taxes, you can claim a property tax credit. The rent portion of the senior home payment must exclude amounts for meals, housekeeping, and other services. The basic property tax credit for people under age 65 is 250$. Individuals age 65 or older can get the basic property tax credit of 625$.

Finding the right Ottawa retirement home for you or your loved one is an important decision. We invite you to use our comprehensive senior housing guide to help you navigate the search and discover your ideal retirement residence. You can also click here to learn more about Ontario Tax Credits and Benefits.

How much do retirement homes cost in Ottawa?

The average cost of Ottawa retirement homes is 3 920$ per month. Monthly rates of retirement homes in Ottawa listed with us range between 1 765$ and 5 741$. The cost of retirement homes in Ottawa depends on the location of the retirement community, type of accommodation and services you choose.

Seniors often pay the cost of retirement homes in Ottawa by using a combination of their pensions, Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSPs) and other income. You can explore how to pay for retirement homes.

How much do retirement homes cost in Ontario?

The cost of retirement communities in Ontario ranges between 2 045$ and 5 632 $, and home care costs average between 15$and 75$ an hour. According to a 2018 report published by Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, the average cost of retirement homes in Ontario is 3 038$ per month.

In Ontario, retirement communities provide more luxurious amenities than in other provinces and rent includes almost everything, such as meals, utilities, medical services, a registered nurse and a variety of other facilities and services.

Are retirement homes subsidized in Ontario?

The government does not subsidize Ontario retirement communities. However, there are private subsidies of up to 75% for seniors with long-term disabilities. The purpose of the subsidy is to help seniors with the purchase of assistive devices related to their medical condition.

Ontario also offers a Guaranteed Annual Income System for eligible Canada Pension Plan (CPP) recipients, providing financial assistance to low-income seniors.

Different Types of Senior and Elder Care Living Facilities Senior Living in Ottawa

Ottawa’s population is a little over 1.2 million, of which 144,140 are 65 years or older. (1) That population segment is steadily growing as more and more individuals reach retirement, a trend expected to continue into the future. As the nation’s capital, Ottawa offers a comfortable quality of life and a wealth of attractions, including a UNESCO world heritage site, a network of walking paths and bike trails, as well as lively downtown area.

Ottawa is home to a diverse population and the city is segmented into distinct neighborhoods, each offering its own lifestyle and services. This variety offers senior residents the opportunity to select retirement homes in a range of locations.

Retirement Homes in Ottawa

Retirement homes are privately owned facilities that can be rented by seniors who are able to live with little or no outside help. This type of senior living community is ideal for seniors who prefer to live much more independently than in a long-term care home or supportive housing.

The Retirement Homes Act protects senior individuals who are living in Ontario retirement homes. All retirement homes in Ontario are regulated by the Retirement Homes Regulatory Authority (RHRA), enforcing care and safety standards and supporting the rights of residents through licensing, inspections, and investigating complaints.

The cost of rent in retirement homes ranges from 1 500$ to 6 000$ per month for a private room or apartment. You have the option to add meal plans and other services to your monthly accommodations. The common inclusions in retirement home services are your own room or apartment, full wheelchair access, housekeeping, meals, laundry, social and recreational programs, shared dining rooms, common areas, lounges, gift shop, beauty salon, chapel, swimming pool, library, and gardens. Some of these services may be availed for a fee, and it is advisable to coordinate with the management of the specific home you are interested in to know the specific costs of their services.

Independent Living in Ottawa

Independent living option is for seniors who want to enjoy the freedom and make their own decisions. Independent living houses in Ottawa are designed exclusively for older adults, aged 55 and over. These communities are friendlier and convenient to aging adults providing easier navigation and no maintenance work to worry about.

The cost of independent living communities in Ottawa includes a full slate of activities and superb amenities. The cost covers everything from food to maintenance to taxes and everything in between.

Assisted Living Facilities in Ottawa

For senior individuals who are no longer capable of living independently in their own homes, Ottawa is committed to providing them with quality long-term care in assisted living facilities based on their specific needs as determined by medical, nursing, functional, and psychosocial assessments, as well as each senior’s expressed needs. Assisted living facilities to provide specialized, restorative, supportive, and palliative care for individuals with disabilities, dementia, and health problems.

The Ministry of Health and Long-term Care regulates, inspects, and sets out accommodation fees for all long-term care homes in Ontario. By law, assisted living facilities are required to provide their residents with a safe community with consistently high-quality care that is centered on their residents’ wellbeing.

Accommodation rates are set by the Ministry of Health and Long-term Care and are standard all over Ontario. Room and board charges are the individual’s expenses, but all personal and nursing care provided by long term care homes in Ottawa are funded by the government. If you don’t have sufficient income to pay for the basic room accommodations, you may be eligible for a government subsidy known as a rate reduction. The subsidy is only available to individuals requesting basic rooms.

The current maximum monthly rate for long stay accommodations is 1 731.62$ for basic, for 2 066.21$ semi-private, and 2 438.81$ for private. Short-stay accommodations cost 36.85$ per day. Services in assisted living facilities include professional 24-hour nursing and medical care, pharmacy, meals, recreation and therapy programs, family support, housekeeping, pastoral care, palliative care, laundry, social work services, and volunteer services.

Other additional services are also available for a fee: hairdressing or barber, audiology, optometry, foot care, dental care, occupational therapy assessments, and residents’ mobility equipment repairs.

Long Term Care in Ottawa

In Ottawa, long term care provides seniors with 24-hour nursing care and support with various different physical and cognitive conditions. Provincial-level social service agencies assess long term care residents to verify their eligibility.

Long term care in Ottawa provides seniors with constant nursing supervision or specialized care that cannot be provided at home.

Since long term care in Ottawa is government-funded, the costs vary slightly from one province to the next. The cost generally ranges between 1 053$ and 2 167$, depending on the type of suite and duration of stay.

Memory, Alzheimer's and Dementia Care in Ottawa

A memory care community is the right option for older adults with dementia, Alzheimer’s, or other cognitive impairments.

Memory care communities in Ottawa provide seniors with specialized care. The environment created at these facilities is tailored with Alzheimer’s, dementia, and other cognitive impairments.

In Ottawa memory care housing, the staff members are trained to work with older adults with memory impairments. Seniors are provided with 24-hour supervision and a greater level of care.

The cost of memory, Alzheimer’s, and dementia care in Ottawa range between 3 500$ and 5 000$. You can pay for it with long term care insurance. The Ottawa Alzheimer Society also provides support and advice for memory care.

Respite Care (short stays), Rehabilitation Care in Ottawa

Retirement homes, long-term care, and memory care facilities and other related care communities provide respite care to seniors. These short-term stays are often provided for post-surgery care or rehabilitation care in Ottawa.

Ottawa respite care services may include care management, personal care, home support, grocery shopping, 24-hour on-call support, and many more.

Seniors Apartment in Ottawa

Senior apartments in Ottawa are specially designed for older adults with limited stairs, in-unit laundry, and other physical conveniences. Senior apartment living offers adults a more relaxed lifestyle as there is no more yard work and household repairs to worry about.

Also, because Ottawa senior apartments are age restricted, older adults found themselves surrounded by people of similar age and interests.

Ottawa senior apartments cost between 1 500$ and 6 000$, depending on the location, type of the apartment, and hospitality and care services you require.

Home Care in Ottawa

For seniors who want to stay in their own homes as they age, but need additional support and help, Ottawa home care is a good option.

However, publicly-funded home care is not available in Ottawa, and only 5% of total health expenditures are allocated to subsidized home care services.

The average cost of Ottawa home care is approximately 500$-2 000$ per month. Cost varies depending on the level of support and the level of care you need

Retirement Homes Availability in Ottawa

With increasing number of older adults choosing senior living communities, the number of retirement homes are increasing year by year. We can expect an increasing number retirement homes in Ottawa in coming years.

Vacancy Rates (%) of Standard Spaces by Unit Type Ottawa
Centre Semi Private & Ward Private/Studio One Bedroom Two Bedroom + Total
Ottawa 18.5 18.2 13.4 9.6 16.0
Central ** 32.8 ** ** 30.2
East ** 15.0 7.3 ** 11.6
West 20.0 19.1 15.0 12.6 17.4

Ottawa Recreational Activities for Seniors

Ottawa is home to numerous community centers, senior groups, and educational courses specifically designed for senior citizens. The City of Ottawa maintains a list of senior activity centers located throughout the community, a valuable resource for elderly citizens looking to stay active. In addition, the Ottawa Senior Citizen Council is an invaluable resource, offering guides to upcoming senior events and activities.

From shopping excursions to low-intensity workout classes, seniors will be able to take advantage of a variety of services that are easy to access from any one of the Ottawa assisted-living facilities. OC Transpo is the city-run transportation system that offers discount prices for seniors. In addition, ParaTranspo offers door-to-door bus service that offers aging adults transportation to doctor’s appointments, grocery stores, etc.

Ottawa Medical Facilities

Home to several hospitals, including the world-class University of Ottawa Heart Institute, the city offers a range of high-quality medical centers, many of which specialize in the treatment of elderly patients and senior citizens. Assisted-living residents will find that transportation to and from hospitals is easy to navigate, as nearly all are serviced by the OC Transpo routes.

Senior Jobs in Ottawa

As a result of Ottawa’s growing senior population, the need for caregivers, medical professionals, and senior service providers is predicted to increase, creating a wealth of job opportunities for qualified individuals. To peruse job openings in the senior care sector, visit our senior jobs guide to Ottawa and Ontario for more information.

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Senior homes vary greatly based on location, amenities, services, and level of care offered to elderly adult residents. These characteristics contribute to the cost of assisted living and the overall retirement experience. With this comprehensive guide, your ideal Ottawa senior housing option is only a click away.

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